Design & Web/Apps development

Montréal studio of designer and author Maxim Aginsky
Craft no.

WebTalkTo v13

α. Concept. ON manifesto. β. Slogan. γ. Visual identity: Icon. Logotype. Typefaces. Color palette. Applications. Display text decoration. Slogan concepts. Posters. δ. Website design: Animations. UX@UI. ε. Website development: PHP. MySQL. JS + JQuery.
Oct 18 - Jan 19

Application rule for the main decoration object - the line. The line should be applied on the right side of the parent object, visual reference to the heart, from point of view of someone who is looking at it. On & on. In other words - nonstop. If you want your business growing successfully, you need to be ready to work hard – nonstop, on & on.